Introducing The Way of the Seed

A new science fiction series takes readers on a thought-provoking thrill ride with the premier of the first book in the The Way of the Seed trilogy.

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Chosen in the prehistoric past…

and genetically enhanced to live an ageless existence, four extraordinary individuals journey through the history of humankind awaiting the return of their celestial otherworldly creator. With his arrival, they will fulfill their destiny to rule in a perfect future—if they survive. Together they travel through the ages witnessing the rise and fall of humanity’s earliest civilizations as they come to understand the secrets hidden within their own DNA. Countless perils hound their every step, and only the mysteries of their past and the promise of their future can protect them. They have evolved from the seeding of the planet sixty-five million years ago and are the culmination of the human species rising from Earth Spawn of Kalpeon.