How do you categorize the genre of Way of the Seed?

Way of the Seed is a bit of a hybrid. It is reality-based pre-history and historical fiction wrapped up in a strong science fiction overlay and presented as an action adventure narrative. The archeological sites exist and although studied extensively there are still unanswered questions about them. I provide the answers in an entertaining (I hope) and plausible way. For instance, Chauvet cave was discovered in the mid-90s. Many consider the paintings to be the finest and oldest ever created. They have been dated back thirty thousand plus years. But scientists don’t fully understand the significance of the painting of the red orbs or the bison man and female vulva that in fact do exist in the cave. If you read ESOK you know who created them and why.

Catal also exists as a major on-going archeological excavation. And my fictional interpretation of prehistoric life there rings true with the results of the excavation. However, the dig also indicates the city was abandoned almost overnight with everything left intact and in place. Why? Again, a plausible event answers the question and my characters are in the middle of it. If you enjoyed the Catal arc you also learned something.