How did you come up with the name Kalpeon? Does it have a meaning?

There is nothing in the way of the seed series that doesn’t have ‘meaning.’ Everything is obvious, shrouded, cloaked or hidden.  Philosophy, religion, secularism and symbolism are always at play. but not always obvious. Some readers get it. Some don’t. Others never will. 

Kalpeon, is the home planet of Barjeen and Robfebe and the name is a portmanteau. Kalpa is ancient Sanskrit and in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology is the time between the creation and recreation of a world. Aeon is from early Greek and later Latin. It, of course, defines a long period of time. I dropped the ‘a’ from Kalpa and the ‘a’ from aeon and combined the two. Portmanteau: Kalpeon.

Want to take a guess at ‘Barjeen and Robfebe’? So obvious, but there are trees in the way